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    ComfyFootgear™ Bunionette Corrector

    The ComfyFootgear™ Bunionette Corrector brings relief to your pain from a tailor's bunion / bunionette and prevents surgery.

    BunionFree™ Bunionette Corrector


    The ComfyFootgear™ Bunionette Corrector is designed for people who suffer from the hallux valgus on the bunionette.

    Either if you suffer from severe, mild to moderate or if you want to prevent the formation of a bunionette, this corrector is perfect for daily use, especially with shoes.

    BunionFree™ Bunionette Corrector


    The gel cushion wraps your pinky toe and side of your foot comfortably and keeps it in place, especially with well fitted socks, while you go through your day. Excellent padding and support for extended standing, walking, running, hiking, dancing, or any other activity that finds you on your feet and wanting relief!

    The ComfyFootgear™ Bunionette Corrector relieves pain from bunions, corns, plantar fasciitis, metatarsal, tailor’s bunion, and many other foot pain issues.

    ComfyFootgear has designed a truly revolutionary Tailor’s Bunion Pad that relieves pain instantly by giving you targeted padding and relief just where you need it most. You will feel better as soon as you slip on your bunion sleeve.


    • TAILOR’ S BUNION SPLINT: Soft gel tailor's bunion protector is stretchy and flexible, recommend wearing snug-fitting socks to keep it secures easily around your little toe.
    • ONE SIZE FIT ALL FEET: Be used for pinky toe of adults or hallux valgus of children, help for children’s bunion correction.
    • WALK COMFORTABLY: You will get a best results while wearing snug-fitting socks, works in most closed-toe shoes. Don’t worry about the friction between the small toe and shoes.
    • RELIEF RAPIDLY: Help relieve pressure on your tailor's bunion and prevent callus, blister and corns formation on your little toe.
    • WITH HOLES OR WITHOUT: The holes may apply to those that use this bunionette corrector all day with narrow shoes. 
    • 1 pair/ 2 pieces

    BunionFree™ Bunionette Corrector