ComfyFootgear™ Gel Bunion Sleeve

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With a new micropressure reduction hole, a special feature that reduces pressure on the big toe for greater comfort, the ComfyFootgear™ Gel Bunion Sleeve is ideal for people suffering with mild to moderate bunions.

BunionFree™  Gel Bunion Sleeve


The ultra thin bunion corrector is lightweight and comfortable to wear with shoes, so you can go about your everyday life, free from pain. This orthopedic product is ideal for active people looking for relief!


  • Relieves mild to moderate bunions (valgus valgus) and provides good support for post-operative care.
  • Ultra thin (0.4mm) and can be worn comfortably with socks and shoes during any activity.
  • Ideal for active people and perfect for runners and walkers.
  • Separates your toes naturally, slowly releasing built up tension and relieving soreness.
  • 1 Pair

BunionFree™  Gel Bunion Sleeve


ComfyFootgear™ Gel Bunion Sleeve should initially be worn for shorter intervals, gradually increasing.

If you experience any tightness or tension, take it off for a few hours. It is normal  to stretch slightly after wear. The product has two layers attached with glue so after you wear the product for a few days or wash the product you may find it feels a bit different but the product will still be functioning correctly!


Universal: One Size Fits All
Length: Approx. 9cm
Width: Approx. 8cm  (Can be stretched)


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