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    ComfyFootgear™ Slip-On Toes Straightener

    The ComfyFootgear™ Slip-On Toes Straightener offers comprehensive care for foot pain and will help immobilize big toes for interrupted recovery from bunion and maintain your toes in the correct alignment. Prevent bunion getting worse, relieve your foot pain fast, realign your toes slowly and improve your foot health day by day. 

    BunionFree™ Slip-On Toes Straightener


    We recommend this product to anyone who suffers from bunion pain or hammertoes.Perfect for walkers and ramblers, runners and cyclists alike. These can be worn comfortably under socks and shoes during any activity.

    If the ComfyFootgear™ Slip-On Toes Straightener is not comfortable with your shoes, use it by night to straighten and realign the toes.

    BunionFree™ Slip-On Toes Straightener


    The ComfyFootgear™ Slip-On Toes Straightener gently separate the toes to reduce stress and prevent the buildup of hard skin that may cause corn development.

    Routine use can help solving common foot problems such as thumb varus and tiptoes.Reduces discomfort and relieve tension of toe and foot, increasing blood circulation in your feet.

    BunionFree™ Slip-On Toes Straightener


    • It is an extra soft and highly stretchable material which has a similar property of human soft tissue,and absorbs shock in a large extent.
    • Straighten the curved toes, correct the hallux valgus effectively.
    • Fits comfortably in most footwear to help reduce rubbing from shoes.
    • The unique gel memory formulation fits all kins of foot shapes.
    • Release your toe at night, do not use it more than 18 hours a day, but if you prefer to wear it alone at night, you can use it bare feet or with socks.
    • Flat surface, comfortable and soft.
    • Light design, washable, reusable.
    • For immediate and long-term pain relief in case of Calluses, Corns and bunion problems.
    • Absorbs pressure and eases pain on sore bunion joint.
    • 1 Pair


    • Universal Size
    • Item size: 85 * 73 * 22mm / 3.35 * 2.87 * 0.87in