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    ComfyFootgear™ Toes Separator Plus

    If you are suffering from Bunions, Hammer Toes, Plantar Fasciitis, or Chronic Foot Pain, ComfyFootgear™ Toes Separator Plusare a must. Endurance, balance, and mobility all depend on well-functioning toes.

    ComfyFootgear™ Toes Separator Plus soothe aching feet and strengthen neglected, weak toes – fixing foot problems naturally.


    We recommend this product to anyone who suffers from bunion pain and also if you have a mild to moderate bunion.Perfect for walkers and ramblers, runners and cyclists alike. These can be worn comfortably under socks and shoes during any activity.

    Some of the sports activities can stress feet muscles and also the toes. Apart from this, even if you had a long day at work, you may be having painful toes. This happens, mainly if you wear tight fitting shoes or those that have elevated heels. Using ComfyFootgear™ Toes Separator Plus will help you get some relief from pain and aches.

    BunionFree™ Toes Separator Plus


    • You can wear them comfortably anytime, even during your sleep.
    • You can use toe separators more than once.
    • Toe separators are not as risky as surgery.
    • Toe separators can be worn with or without shoes. Moreover, the user can wear them regularly without any side effects.
    • Realign your feet back to their natural state.
    • Naturally reverse the effects of damaging footwear.
    • Improve the support and stability.
    • Get rid of arch supports in a less time.
    • Align your toes to eliminate bunions and crooked toes. 
    • Increase the strength and flexibility of your toes and foot.
    • Beneficial for people who are suffering from plantar fascists
    • 1 Pair

    BunionFree™ Toes Separator Plus


    Universal Size