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    ComfyFootgear™ Comfy Summer Sandals

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    BunionFree™ Comfy Summer Sandals

    Dealing with Bunion pain and discomfort and all your summer shoes are so uncomfortable or simply they are not cute enough?

    We know that summer shoes can affect even ore your bunion. so this is the solution: comfy and beautiful sandals that will also protect and improve your bunion condition!

    BunionFree™ Comfy Summer Sandals


    • The special big toe design relieves bunion pain effectively!
    • Moves angled toe back to the natural position while aligning skeletal system for posture correction.
    • Prevents hips and muscle imbalances and fixes knock-knee and bow-leg.

    BunionFree™ Comfy Summer Sandals


    • Super Comfortable: Sandals are designed to be easy to slip on/off. They provide ultimate comfort even while wearing all day long. They won't hurt your feet, toes, or ankles.
    • Chic and Trendy: Sophisticated and super stylish design can upgrade any outfit to a whole new level. Come in 4 beautiful colors, which means you can easily match them with anything!
    • Anti-Bunion Design: Special big toe strap relieves bunion pain, helps correct and realign them, and prevents bunions from forming and other future toe problems.
    • Corrects Posture: Moves angled toe back to its natural position while realigning skeletal system for posture correction. Prevents hip and muscle imbalances and fixes knock-knee and bow-leg.


    • Heel Height : Flat Heel 2-3 cm
    • Material: PU Leather
    • Toe Type: Open Toe

    *Please note that the heel is flat. Pictures are just informative! Consider only the pictures with a flat heel.

    BunionFree™ Comfy Summer Sandals

    BunionFree™ Comfy Summer Sandals

    BunionFree™ Comfy Summer Sandals