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    Bunion Corrector Comfy Men's Sandals

    Bunions are a progressive deformity of the big toe joint, it can lead to further complications if left untreated. Relieving the pain you feel from bunions requires reducing the pressure beneath your big toe joint when standing or walking.
    Bunion Corrector Comfy Men's Sandals
    When you wear shoes, this is fairly simple to accomplish with either over the counter arch supports and ortotichs. Increased arch support is necessary to distribute your weight more evenly, transferring your weight from your big toe joint to the arch of the foot, where it belongs.
    Bunion Corrector Comfy Men's Sandals
    The Bunion Corrector Comfy Men's Sandals are designed to enhance foot function and reduce pain by transferring pressure off of the bunion.
    • TREATMENT OF BUNIONS: Do you have a bunion? If so, then these shoes are definitely your first choice. Designed for people with bunions, this shoe is used to correct the big toe bone and move the angled toes back to their natural position.
    • WEAR-RESISTANT OUT-SOLE: The men's sandals out-sole is shock-proof. This is good for your feet when walking. The main feature is light and breathable, reducing joint pressure.
    • QUALITY ASSURANCE: This shoe is made of PU leather. It is easy to clean, comfortable, safe, durable and washable. It is perfect for most of your clothes.
    • ENJOY A SUMMER STROLL: The open-toe design sandals are uniquely designed to help strengthen the legs and highlight the overall outfit, unlike other suffocating airbags around the care kit, so you can feel cool while correcting the summer embossed pouch.
    • PERFECT SANDALS: These sandals are perfect for all occasions. You can use these shoes as indoor shoes or for parties, shopping and play. This lightweight and convenient flat sandal is sure to meet your needs.
    Bunion Corrector Comfy Men's Sandals

    Bunions can be quite painful but and, left untreated, can also lead to progressive deformities and chronic foot problems including hallux rigidus (arthritis in the big toe joint) and hallux limitus (big toe joint pain).

    Walk better starting today with the best shoes for bunions!

    Bunion Corrector Comfy Men's Sandals
    Bunion Corrector Comfy Men's Sandals
    Bunion Corrector Comfy Men's Sandals


    USA European China Heel to Toe(cm) Heel to Toe(inch)
    4.5 36 37 23.5 9.2520 
    5 37 38 23.8 9.3701 
    5.5 37.5 38 24.1 9.4882 
    6 38 39 24.5 9.6457 
    6.5 38.5 39 24.8 9.7638 
    7 39 40 25.1 9.8819 
    7.5 40 41 25.4 10.0000 
    8 41 41 25.7 10.1181 
    8.5 42 42 26 10.2362 
    9 43 43 26.5 10.5118 
    10.5 44 44 27 10.7480 
    11.5 45 46 28 10.9843 
    12.5 46 47 28.5 11.2205
    14 47 48 29 11.4173