ComfyFootgear™ Hammer Toe Straightener Pad

The ComfyFootgear™ Hammer Toe Straightener Padprotects and promotes healing in broken toes.Helps to separate the hammertoe, overlapping toe, straighten and support the mallet toe and claw toes.

BunionFree™ Hammer Toe Straightener Pad


✔ Made of soft non-slip nylon fabric.
✔ Universal finger & toe splint design, recommend to be used on fingers like: index, middle, ring, for both hand.
✔ Lightweight, portable and easy to take on or off.
✔ All day wearing comfort with regular activities, like typing, playing your cellphone, cooking, driving and sleeping.


◆ Protects the bleeding toes due to blisters or trauma, while cushioning it to prevent pain and further damage.
◆ Not just for broken toes, buddy toe wrap also separate and align the hammer toes.
◆ Help correcting toes due to Hallux Valgus, Overlapping Toes.
◆ Straightens and stabilizes the toe during treatment, straighten your toes and allowing it to heal.
◆ The soft fabric can cushion the friction between shoes and toes to prevent blisters and bruises . Full protect your delicate toes in all directions.

BunionFree™ Hammer Toe Straightener Pad


◆ Hand brace for fingers relieve pain in finger joint, help alleviate ache against finger arthritis, tendinitis. Helps with finger support rehabilitation.
◆ Treat your jammed, swollen, sprained, dislocated or broken fingers quickly and comfortably by buddy finger bandages.
◆ Finger buddy strap also straighten fingers, help treat mallet finger, trigger finger, and crooked fingers.
◆ Fully play a protective role in sports activities.
◆ These soft, easy-to-apply and non-slip loop straps hold two fingers together to protect and heal your injured fingers. No messy tape needed! 

BunionFree™ Hammer Toe Straightener Pad


1. Place fabric wrap around broken finger/toe
2. Wrap strap around adjacent toe
3. Pull tight, but do not cut off circulation
4. Fasten velcro closure to fabric

BunionFree™ Hammer Toe Straightener Pad

Quantity: 2/4 pcs/set