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    Billing Terms And Conditions

    We at Comfyfootgear think that shopping should be enjoyable and simple. On all of our products, we work to give you the best possible prices. Your final order price will include the product's current price plus any applicable sales tax and any foreseeable shipping fees.

    Comfyfootgear.com has the right to alter product prices listed on the website at any time, including to fix any pricing mistakes that may have occurred.

    Coupon Savings

    Comfyfootgear.com may provide a variety of discount codes, which may expire at any time. For refunds or promotions, we typically give out coupons for store credit. Each buyer is only permitted to use one of our exclusive coupon codes.

    It is not possible to give a coupon discount code to a friend if you have received one because each coupon belongs to a certain client.

    If you receive a discount code via email, you may only use it once or in accordance with the offer's terms and conditions.

    Order/Receipt Proof

    You will receive an email from support@comfyfootgear.com confirming your order and receipt. The items you ordered, your shipping address, and the total amount paid will all be listed on the receipt.

    Customs duties and sales tax

    Tax is not included in the prices of the products that are listed on our website. Based on your shipping address and the sales tax rate, comfyfootgear.com will charge you sales tax when you pay for the order.

    Customs fees may need to be paid upon delivery if your shipping address is outside of the United States; however, they won't be charged at the time of order.

    Duties of any kind, including customs taxes, are not refundable.

    You accept our terms and conditions by using our website to place your order.

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